ThinkRace will launch a new personal GPS tracker for protecting people safety

Safety and healthy are the two most important things for human, and it's also the target for ThankRace.

Do you feel panic when you get lost out of door? Do you worry about your kids when they are not on your side? I think most of people's answer is "YES!" So ThinkRace develop a new personal GPS tracker to solve these problem.

This portable GPS tracker has lightweight design, it's size is only 38*38*13mm, and just 30g weight, so it's very suitable for carry it everywhere. It's main functions is:

  • Three mode positioning:GPS+LBS+WIFI.
  • SOS for call.
  • Voice monitoring.
  • Pedometer.
  • Magnetic charging.
  • Compatible Android and iOS system.

Our new personal GPS tracker build-in a 420mAH battery, it's standby time will be 96 hours, and it can use in the temperature from -20℃ to 60℃, these are very important for outdoor activities. This GPS tracker for people has high sensitive GPS chipset MTK3333, and it's positioning accuracy will be less 10 meters, tracking sensitivity will be -159dBm, it's GPS and GSM antenna are all build-in mode. In short, it is a professional personal tracking device.

This is not the first personal GPS tracking device, and also isn't the last one, ThinkRace will launch more and more professional GPS locators to protecting people's safety and healthy.