VT32 a Universal Vehicle Tracking Solution

VT32 was the result of our team’s dedication and strive for continuous innovation. The device is capable of providing complete vehicle tracking solutions. We welcome VT32 to the family of ThinkRace Vehicle Trackers.

As a portable smart GPS Tracker, the VT32 is equipped with all the essential safety features one can think about but at the same time doesn’t lag behind in the ergonomics department. The device is easy to use and is efficient when it comes to tracking an asset on wheels.

In comparison to its brothers, the VT32 accommodates a lot more features inside its body of 70*76*18 mm. And still, weighs less than 150 grams. It is light, compact & portable and is just about the next revolutionary step in the field of vehicle tracking.


VT32 can provide accurate positioning of your vehicle on a continuous basis. In addition, it offers Real-Time Tracking, Location History, Geo-Fence and Vehicle Statistics.


vehicle tracker vt32

Its multi-alarm feature can alert you to several issues related to your vehicle, such as power failure, low power, vibration, displacement, acceleration, retardation, harsh driving etc.


The VT32 incorporates the latest in sensor technology and is armed with a host of new age sensors such as 3D Accelerometer, A-GPS, Anti-Crash, Anti-Theft etc.


Most of the vehicle trackers act as a parasite over battery power or engine power. But VT32’ intelligent MCU (Multi-Point Control Unit) consumes less power. Its low power consumption design is bolstered by its automatic sleep technology which results in a much longer standby time.


Overall the VT32 is a one-stop universal solution for all your vehicle security concerns and provides all kinds of Vehicle GPS Tracking Features.


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