Stay on the Track with Vehicle Tracker VT06

ThinkRace recently launched the VT06, another addition to the family of ThinkRace Vehicle Trackers.

Vehicles have been an important face of modernisation and industrialization since the launch of the first Motor Car, the Ford ‘Model T’. As the years of war went by, production of vehicles exponentially increased and technology made them even more sophisticated. They quickly became the dearest for masses and an essential commodity for millions of commuters around the world.

These mass produced vehicles were soon incorporated into many business models, majorly for transportation purposes. This shifted the paradigm from the existing norm of using any kind of vehicle for personal or military use (trucks, tanks etc.). 

Vehicle owners demanded certain security measures for assurance against theft or damage regardless of the nature of their use. This led to the rise of security and alarm systems designed specifically for commercial vehicles.

vehicle tracker vt06

Acknowledging the need of a modern security and tracking system for vehicles in the present age, ThinkRace decided to venture into making a modern vehicle tracking system and recently launched the brand new VT06.

The VT06 is packed with multiple fresh new features specifically designed to keep a track of your vehicles and keep you updated about its location and condition. The device is apt for personal use as well as for businesses and can be easily incorporated into the fleet management system.

Some of its cutting edge features are real-time tracking, playback location history, Geo-Fence, Static Drift Suppression and Multi-Alarm System (Low Power, Over speed, Anti-Theft, Vibration Alarm, Displacement Alarm etc.).

The VT06 Vehicle Tracker will calculate the quickest and most economical route to the required destination which saves time and precious resources. It also leads to increased efficiency of fuel and overall performance; greater efficiency leads to better business. The VT06 allows a company to squeeze in more business out of the existing market and helps to establish a better turnaround for projects. 

A one-stop solution for tracking your car, bike or fleet of taxis, buses. Secure your vehicle and track it via the ThinkRace Web Platform Services or integrated mobile app available for both IOS and Android Operating System. 

ThinkRace Technology is an industry leader in providing GPS Tracking solutions, manufacturing OBD trackers, personal and fitness trackers. In addition, ThinkRace provides Cloud Services, Software Development and OEM/ODM Services with logo design and complete branding solutions. Their in-house app development team customizes the mobile application according to your needs.