VT07 The Right Choice for The Right Direction

VT07 was born out of the process of following our motto of providing eccentric solutions to our clients in the form of products & services by utilizing the prowess of modern technologies. VT07 is our latest creation and a significant addition to our family of vehicle trackers.

Choosing VT07 is in many ways the right choice to secure your vehicle and fulfill its safety needs. It is equipped with all the essential safety features as well as modern sensor technology with 3-mode positioning system.

VT07 is initially a Mini GPS Car Tracker and offers features like Anti-Theft Alarm, Geo-fence, Multi-Alarm, Anti-Theft Alarm, Turning Point and Trajectory Compensation.

Get that peace of mind with its Anti-Theft Alarm embedded with a Light Sensor that further bolsters the protection for your car. Its over speed and displacement alarm makes sure you never lose track of what’s important to you.  

vehicle tracker

The VT07 records the location history of your vehicle and playbacks it to make you aware of each and every path treaded by your car. In addition, it provides trajectory and turning point compensation for efficient route optimization which enables you to save fuel and time during transit.

Assign safe zones for your vehicle using VT07’s Geo-Fence feature and receive an instant alert on your mobile when your car leaves a safe zone or enters a restricted one.

Resistivity to high and low temperatures pulls the VT07 out of speculation revolving around use of vehicle trackers.

All in all, VT07 is a holistic solution to all your vehicle tracking issues.

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