ThinkRace Technology launches the AT13 Pallet Tracker


ThinkRace Technology recently launched the AT13, the first member in the family of ThinkRace Pallet Trackers.

A pallet is just a humble assembly of wooden joists and plastic planks upon which most or every object in the world has been carried, at some point in time. In a way, pallets are moving the world and driving the global economy. Billions of pallets are circulating through the global supply chain, carrying more than half of the world’s trade and probably the whole maritime trade. They are integral to Globalization and World Economic Growth.

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Citing the need of GPS Tracking Solution for such an important commodity. ThinkRace decided to launch a product, tailor-made for this purpose. The result was, the AT13 Pallet Tracker.

The AT13 Pallet tracker is a one-stop solution for tracking goods loaded on pallets. The device provides global visibility of assets through its advanced 3-mode positioning GPS Technology. 

With the help of AT13 Pallet Tracker, you’ll be able to track each step of your pallets from anywhere, anytime. From collection to delivery, they’ll always be just a click away from you. The tracker is armed with all the essential safety features such as vibration alarm, long standby etc.


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Be in complete control of your Pallet Logistics with the ThinkRace AT13 Pallet Tracker.