Autumn, is a season to go sightseeing

Last weekend, ThinkRace organized an autumn outing to Heyuan.

This sightseeing was carried out for two days and one night, the first day, we went to drifting in the gui mountain, we climbed the mountain by car, and then sited on the rubber boat and drifted down the river, it's so cool! Everyone scream with excitement! We felt so happy, although we got wet all over the body.

After drifting, we back to hotel and got rest. After dinner we went to see fountain in the river. It's said that the fountain which we saw used to be&nbsp

The second day, we went to wanlv lake, we watch dance show, we see 5D movie, we go boating, we play prompt drop from mountain top.

We enjoy such a wonderful weekend, thanks to ThinkRace!