ThinkRace Housewarming Party And Annual Party

December 28th, 2016, it is a good day for ThinkRace!

We host a party to celebrate ThinkRace move into a new and better office, and also a party for thank to all the members and supplier, thanks for your support and trust throughout the year.

At 5:00 pm, many supplies and partner came to our office. "This place is so beautiful!" This is the first words what the guest said after they walked into our office. We also feel so happy to working in the huge and gleaming office.

After all the guest arrived at our office, the ceremony of unveil the nameplate is beginning,general manager of ThinkRace Rick tang and director of smart wearable department FengJun Li uncover the company name. Everyone felt glad and happiness, thanks to all the customer, supplies and staff, ThinkRace won't be so successful without you!

6:30 pm, the party host in the hotel, in the beginning of the party, Rick tang give speeches and said that to keep people safe and health is the mission of ThinkRace, we will not stop keep moving, design and develop more and better GPS tracking devices and software for family safety, personal safety, asset tracking, fitness tracking and so on. During the party, everyone enjoy the rich food, wonderful singing and dancing shows, some of lucky guys got the fabulous prizes are really happy.

It is a new start for ThinkRace, also a new start for everyone, we believe tomorrow will be better and better. Come on! The great future is waiting for us!