ThinkRace is true innovative manufacturer focus on tracking products for safety and fitness purpose, that includes personal gps tracker, gps watch, GPS card, pet tracker, bike tracker, vehicle gps tracker, OBD II tracker, fitness band. We are a group with more than 10 years experience in this industry, we are dedicated to bring reliable products and customised solutions with competitive price to clients worldwide. It is always a challenge to keep innovation, that is ThinkRace’s mission and passion, we never stop. We always try to set the high standard for us and for the whole industry. We carry various customised solutions for different type of industry, We provide OEM/ODM services to many fortune 500 companies, telecom carriers and government in more than 30 countries. 

thinkrace is one of the leading tracking device manufacturer in China

Engineering Culture

ThinkRace have an experienced technical team with more than 80 engineers. Some of them come from top companies like Huawei, Lenovo, OPPO. They leverage their experience in the field of IOT/gps/wireless/wearable, and the engineering culture as well. Under the engineering culture, they build things solve the problems, they will speak up when thing is not right, they are fascinated by the best algorithm, architecture and craftsmanship of a new GPS device, they are excited about the implementation of the IOT cloud on Amazon AWS system. With this team, we are successful to delivery products and services to Huawei, G4S, Allianz, Orange, Etisalat...

Keep openness

Our culture of openness, collaboration, and continuous innovation is reflected in the products that we made. The open mindset promotes collaboration between the clients and us. We know our clients will use the devices to solve problems, they need the devices integrate with their existing system. An open architecture makes cross-platform interoperability possible. It’s impossible to talk about openness without addressing the topic of open source. As a group, ThinkRace's engineers are bullish on the idea and reality of open source both in hardware and software, so much so that we open source pieces of technology that we’ve built from scratch that other organisations can benefit from the work that we’ve done. The open source parts are including PCBA, firmware, mobile app, API, IOT cloud platform.

International services

ThinkRace already setup sub-branches in India, Vietnam and Canada. Our greatest experience comes from delivery/deploy products and services to some fortune 500 companies, telecom carriers worldwide. Born in cross culture, battle-tested in the projects and the commercial operation, our team are revolutionizing the way providing professional services across an extraordinarily diverse range of enterprises. The cross culture/language communication and collaboration are continuous improving, so that our clients and ThinkRace team can strengthen control the risk of products delivery.

Our Product Range


We are providing Safety and Fitness Solution by using GPS technology and all kind of sensiors

  • Personal Safety Solution for example GPS watch, Pet Tracker, GPS Card etc.
  • Asset Tracking for example Asset tracker, Vehicle Tracker and OBD Tracker
  • Fitness Tracking solution for example Fitness band and smart watch
  • Tracking Platform and mobile app
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thinkrace is a professional gps tracking device supplier

Our Services Range

One stop shop wearable/IOT solutions for clients

Hardware: With 8 years GPS tracking industry experience our in-house R&D team provide full OEM/ODM services to our clients. Our clients have great ideas, we turn those ideas into commercially via n version products with a powerful combination of high quality and competitive pricing.

Software: Software is critical to the success of a GPS tracking business. Our clients have grown significantly during the last 8 years, we have been challenged to fulfill different tracking and management requirements cross the world and delivered every time. Our team engineers can address any issue including: server software, web, API, iOS, and Android. This give us a unique ability to create and implement end to end projects. We have more than 300 commercial clients in more than 70 countries with 22 languages.

Hosting: We provide our cloud hosting solution for all our clients to make it easy for them get stable and robust tracking services for their business. We deliver ultra-reliable hosting services for high scale enterprise solutions. We provide maintenance and technical support services to all our hosting clients so that they can concentrate on their core business.

Marketing: Instead of being a supplier for our clients, ThinkRace partners with them in a teamwork model that builds mutual success. We fight together and win together with our partners to win market share in their own markets. We help build their website to promote their brand and products. We are eager to see our clients succeed so we always listen to them and commit to agreed plans and actions when needed to help them sustain and grow their business!

ThinkRace — Giving life to your ideas!

thinkrace provide one stop shop wearable/IOT solutions for clients