ThinkRace organized an autumn outing to Heyuan.

ThinkRace has been committed to the safety and healthy of human being all the time, a new personal GPS tracker will be developed by ThinkRace, and it will be a perfect device for protecting people's safety.

ThinkRace Housewarming Party And 2016 Annual Party

ThinkRace Technology recently launched the AT13, the first member in the family of ThinkRace Pallet Trackers.

Vehicles have been an important face of modernisation and industrialization since the launch of the first Motor Car, the Ford ‘Model T’. As the years of war went by, production of vehicles exponentially increased and technology made them even more sophisticated. They quickly became the dearest for masses and an essential commodity for millions of commuters around the world.

VT07 is initially a Mini GPS Car Tracker and offers features like Anti-Theft Alarm, Geo-fence, Multi-Alarm, Anti-Theft Alarm, Turning Point and Trajectory Compensation.

As a portable smart GPS Tracker, the VT32 is equipped with all the essential safety features one can think about but at the same time doesn’t lag behind in the ergonomics department. The device is easy to use and is efficient when it comes to tracking an asset on wheels.