obd2 tracking device can monitor all driving behavior


Projects background:

Driving center company from United States, it is famous bad driving behavior correct organization not a company.  

According to their statistics of 2016, there were 6319 young people who died because of a car crash. Although only 7% of them are adolescent drivers, the number of adolescent deaths accounts for 14% of the total number of traffic accidents. In 2007, 5477 adolescents died in motor vehicle crash. Which includes occupants and 21% of teenage drivers aged 15-20 years old. The In 1997, more than 60% of adolescents (16-20 years) in the death of adolescent traffic accidents were caused by non-seat belts. In the last decade, about 68,000 adolescents have died in a car crash, and 65% have been killed by teenage driving passengers. Half of the fatal traffic accidents involving 16-year-old teen drivers are caused by individual vehicle collisions. And 41% were at nighttime (between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am).

So, they realize that, with the increase in car ownership in the world, driving has changed to normal from specialized skilled. Although the age of driving countries have strict rules, but the temptation to drive, making the initial age of driving began to decline. The resulting social problems are also becoming more serious.  Then they committed to correct dangerous driving habits of young people.


Technical requirement:

Lack of experience.  All young drivers have less social experience and less knowledge. Driving a motor vehicle, like any other skill, is a complex job. It takes a lot of energy, judgment, analysis, reaction, experience and so on. Both the action side, there are psychological aspects, the lack of that one can not be a very good driver, at least very prone to accidents. While the United States in this regard, very lacking, it is easy to give a license to ordinary people. So it led to the current situation of frequent teenage driving accidents.

Too impulsive.  It should be considered that the impulse of young people is normal, which is in the period of the physiological and psychological characteristics of the decision. Such as young and fit, too performance, not allowed to judge, negligence, drinking, not wearing a seat belt and so on.

Difficult to curb the risk of behavior.  Young people often with the other young people driving in the evening, in the free, free in the wilderness to increase the collision of insecurity.


Final solution provide Thinkrace:

How to learn when young people learn to drive their driving behavior, to develop good driving habits, it is able to completely avoid the best solution for the accident. OBD II is a product that is well suited to monitor driving behavior. Mainly able to detect the following driving information:

1. Over speed detect

2. Hard breaking detect

3. Harsh acceleration detect

4. Harsh deceleration detect

5. Sharp turn detect

6. Fatigue driving detect

7. Long time idle detect

8. Urgent refuel detect

All of the above alarm information will be displayed in a simple and clear picture to the customer, and uploaded to the server background, so that the driving center to monitor all driving behavior.