you can use a obd2 gps tracker to make fleet management

Project’s background:

Nigeria B Taix has more than 1,500 taxis, not a big company but problem they facing is typical. 

They suffer from the fact is that could not be able to manage driver effectively and efficiently, because driver steal the oil secretly; second is most of driver not honest, report less passengers and trip of a day.  They ask for if there are a valid, low-cost solution?

Technical requirement:

After a detailed discussion, the customer wants to address the following three questions:

The driver will privately carry and conceal the real deal, in the pocket, the company can not know the driver specific itinerary.

The driver may privately steal the fuel in the tank.

Driver violence driving, resulting in easy car wear and tear, often car repair, resulting in high maintenance costs.

Commercial requirement:

LC at sight, leading time is 15 days.

Final solution provide Thinkrace:

After an in-depth analysis of the customer's problems, we know that based on OBDII VT200 this product, we can provide a perfect solution solution.  Final solution provide by Thinkrace as below:

1. VT200B OBD2 has accurate mileage analysis, including speeding, high-speed mileage, medium-speed mileage, low-speed mileage, and its corresponding travel time. This part of the data can be uploaded to the data processing center via GSM network. There are mileage records, the company can every single driver's every day trajectory (historical route playback function), so that you can know where every driver went.


2. Although OBD2 no remaining fuel monitor function, but there is fuel consumption monitoring function. VT200B OBD II can monitor the total fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, overspeed fuel consumption, high speed fuel consumption, medium fuel consumption, low fuel consumption and idle fuel consumption for each day. In this way, every time the company filled with fuel, you can combine the mileage to monitor fuel consumption to check whether the fuel was stolen.


3. Again, how to prevent the driver to find the case to the car installed equipment without the driver found?

3.1OBDII is a very simple and easy to operate the product, plug and play, all of each car has a standard 16-pin OBD connector, the company only takes 30 seconds to insert OBD2 into the car enabled.

3.2Customize firmware, B taxi company can remotely turn off the device LED from the server, After VT200B OBD installed on the car, B taxi company can judge the hardware device if working properly form the LED flashing, B taxi company will be able to close the LED from the server side, then plug in each car, small enough to hide, the driver will not notice the car has VT200B OBD2 equipment.

Finally, customers want to be able to deploy software system to their own servers in order to better access the original data, the effective management of the driver, but also to the accumulation of large data for the path planning, cost control, etc. So, we also customize the web platform, iOS and Android Apps for B taxi company, deploy the whole system on their server.